7 Signs You Need to See Your Dentist

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7 signs you need to see you dentist
While we should all be seeing the dentist every six months for checkups and cleaning, but there are some circumstances when you should add an extra visit.

  1. Tooth Pain
  2. Tooth pain is not easy to ignore, and it shouldn't be. If you are experiencing tooth pain, then there is definitely something wrong, and it could be more serious than you think. If the pain subsides after a day or two, you should still see your dentist in order to make sure the root of the problem is taken care of efficiently.

  3. Inflamed Gums
  4. Inflamed gums are generally caused by plaque build up getting under your gum line. Keeping up with flossing and bi-annual cleanings can help prevent inflamed gums. They can also be a sign of gingivitis or periodontal disease.

  5. White Spots on Your Teeth
  6. White spots on your teeth are the first sign of dental decay. It is caused by an infection in your teeth where the enamel starts to dissolve because of acid produced by bacteria. Tooth decay can first occur with no symptoms, making it very important for regular dentist visits.

  7. Dry Mouth
  8. Dry mouth can occur with aging or as a common side effect of prescription drugs. If you experience dry mouth suddenly it could be a bacteria or disease of the mouth.

  9. Headaches
  10. If you have a persistent headache that won't go away with over-the-counter medication it could be related to your dental health. One cause could be grinding of the teeth in the night. Your dentist can prescribe a night guard, which can help relieve headaches. It could also be a gum infection that is causing headaches and can be treated with an antibiotic.

  11. Bad Breath
  12. Bad breath is one of the first signs of gingivitis. If it is not treated, gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease, leading to tooth loss and serious health conditions. See your dentist immediately before it gets to the point where it cannot be repaired.

  13. Sensitivity to Hot and Cold
  14. While it may seem normal for your teeth to be sensitive to drastic temperatures, it can actually be one of the first signs of tooth decay. If you are experiencing this pain, see you dentist to find a way to strengthen your enamel.

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