Dental Care

March 12, 2020
What Does a Dental Cleaning Involve

What Does a Dental Cleaning Involve?

WHAT DOES A DENTAL CLEANING INVOLVE? Our dental hygienists will begin to clean your teeth by scraping off hard mineral buildup (tartar) with a small metal […]
March 26, 2020
Signs you are brushing your teeth too hard, closeup of young woman, dark hair with tooth pain after drinking water, white background

Signs You Are Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard

SIGNS YOU ARE BRUSHING YOUR TEETH TOO HARD show up over time. So, it’s not always easy to spot the issue right when it’s happening. However, […]
April 24, 2020
Let’s Raise Awareness of Oral Cancer

Let’s Raise Awareness of Oral Cancer

THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY estimates that over 53,000 people will get oral cavity or oropharyngeal cancer in 2020. The death rate of these types of cancer has […]
June 18, 2020
Symptoms of Cavities

Symptoms of Cavities

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of cavities, see your dentist right away to take care of the problem before it gets worse. […]