Dental Care

March 21, 2022
Do I Really Need to Floss? - man flossing his teeth in front of a mirror

Do I Really Need to Floss?

We love the question that so many people ask — do I really need to floss? — because sometimes the answer is yes, but sometimes the […]
April 21, 2022
Difference between Orthodontist and Dentist - smiling happy family

Difference between Orthodontist and Dentist

You just want a great smile and healthy teeth and gums … but you need to know the difference between orthodontist and dentist so you know […]
April 5, 2023

Kissing and Contagious Cavities

THE REASON DAILY brushing and flossing are so important for keeping harmful oral bacteria populations under control is that they reproduce very quickly. In a healthy, clean […]
June 7, 2023

Dental Implants and Oral Health: Benefits Beyond Aesthetics

If you’re considering getting dental implants, you may be wondering if there are any benefits besides having amazing-looking teeth. Dental implants are much more than just […]