How Painful are Dental Implants?

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December 21, 2022
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It’s a valid question — how painful are dental implants? — and the answer may not be what you’re expecting.

The simple answer is that dental implants are dramatically less painful than the conditions they fix. Conditions like damaged or missing teeth, or uncomfortable dentures that slip and make chewing difficult.

Dental implants also are less painful than what is typical for tooth extractions.

But this question actually can apply to two different time periods:

  • Surgical process to install dental implants
  • Living with dental implants after the surgery

So, let’s look at each separately …

Surgery to Install Dental Implants

The surgery itself should not involve any pain at all. Your mouth is numbed, and you are monitored throughout the process to make sure it is pain-free.

After the surgery, once the numbing wears off, you may experience a small degree of discomfort due to the soft tissue of the gums being manipulated.

Most people find relief with over-the-counter pain medication like Tylenol or Advil. And the discomfort usually is gone within 24-48 hours.

Living with Dental Implants

Once your mouth, gums, and jaw have healed from the surgery, you shouldn’t experience any pain from the dental implants.

You’ll be able to eat, speak, and look as if the replacement tooth on top of the dental implant was your own natural tooth.

You also can take care of your teeth and maintain your oral hygiene as usual, brushing and flossing daily.

Get Answers to Your Specific Concerns

We understand that you may still have specific concerns about the pain you may experience with dental implants. Everyone is unique, and your situation is, too.

So we encourage you to speak directly to Dr. Lovik Mirzaeian about dental implants and whether they’re right for you in your case.

Call us at (559) 299-2168 to schedule an appointment to further discuss dental implants.

In the meantime, if you have other questions about dental implants, you may find the answers you need on our Dental Implant FAQ page. Click here to go to Dental Implant FAQ.