When Should You Start Taking Your Child to the Dentist?

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When Should You Start Taking Your Child to the Dentist?

Children see a doctor for regular wellness and development checkup appointments starting from birth, but when should you start taking your child to the dentist?

Every child develops at their own pace, but the American Association of Pediatric Dentists recommends that you take your child for their first oral health checkup appointment around the time they turn a year old, or earlier if their baby teeth start to appear sooner than that.

Early Childhood Dental Visits

A child’s first visits to the dentist are about checking their gums, mouth, and emerging teeth, but also will include answering the parent’s questions and educating them on how to care for the baby’s/toddler’s new teeth.

Early childhood dental visits also let the child get comfortable with a dentist and the dentist’s office environment.

Starting Regular Dental Visits

The recommended six-month dental checkup and cleaning schedule should begin as early as age 2. Baby teeth can get cavities and have problems with tooth decay that lead to gum disease just as permanent teeth can, so it’s important to start routine care as early as possible.

First X-rays are usually taken when your child is between 4 and 6, although they can be taken earlier if circumstances make it necessary.

Healthy Habits Protect More than a Child’s Teeth

The earlier a child gets into the habits of regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups the better. These healthy habits protect your child’s teeth, but they also help maintain overall oral health, gum health, and even their confidence and happiness by protecting their smile.

Do You Need an Appointment for Your Child to See a Dentist?

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