Dental Implants and Oral Health: Benefits Beyond Aesthetics

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If you’re considering getting dental implants, you may be wondering if there are any benefits besides having amazing-looking teeth. Dental implants are much more than just for looks. Getting implants has benefits for your general oral health, your gum health, can prevent diseases, and are lower maintenance than natural teeth. Dental implants and oral health go hand in hand.

They have overall oral health benefits and improve your quality of life.

Getting dental implants can help with your general oral health, and therefore improve your quality of life. They can keep your teeth from shifting out of place when you lose a tooth, and prevent teeth shifting from causing problems like TMJ and issues with your bite. Since dental implants replace missing teeth, they can also improve your digestion since your food will be able to be properly chewed as if it would be with natural teeth. Missing teeth can also cause speech problems, caused by the gaps in teeth. However, dental implants can prevent slurring and lisps by filling in those gaps.

When you get dental implants, you are often removing teeth that are infected, decaying, or damaged. When you get rid of these teeth and replace them with dental implants, you’re also reducing your risk of bacterial infections from your damaged teeth. These bacterial infections will often spread to other areas of your body and can cause more serious issues such as heart and lung infections.

Your teeth are more protected from decay and bone loss.

Dental implants also help in protecting you from decay and bone loss. Sometimes food can get trapped in the spaces where your teeth are missing can cause the teeth around the gap to decay. If this builds up, it can lead to more serious problems like gum disease. Dental implants help to reduce this risk since they fill in any empty spaces in your teeth and can prevent food from getting stuck.

Dental implants are fused to your jawbone with osseointegration. This means your teeth are able to support other dental work such as bridges and crowns, and your other teeth are protected from bone decay. Having implants also help keep decay from spreading to your other teeth.

Your gum health is drastically improved.

Your gum health is drastically improved when you have dental implants. Since implants are fused to your jaw bone, they help prevent your bone from decaying. This also helps to prevent gum disease and receding gums, and it helps stimulate bone growth. Similarly, implants provide support for your natural teeth which decreases the likelihood that other problems like gingivitis and other infections will occur. Gum health is also improved with dental implants since implants are much easier to keep clean, and as long as they are well maintained, reduce your risk of developing gum disease.

Dental implants last much longer than other options.

While dental implants can be quite costly, they are a great investment because they last much longer than dentures, bridges, crowns, and even your natural teeth. That means that you can enjoy the health benefits of getting dental implants for a long period of time, and won’t have to worry about things like being at risk for infection or disease. In the end, dental implants are well worth the investment because they are durable, resistant, and you don’t need to worry about replacing them.

They are lower maintenance.

Unlike other options, dental implants are much lower maintenance since they can be treated the same as you would your natural teeth. However, implants also come with additional benefits since they are more durable than natural teeth and don’t need repairs as often. With dental implants, you also don’t have to worry about changing your diet after you heal. There’s no need to worry that you’ll damage your implants since they don’t require any special cleaners or adhesives.

Other oral health issues can be detected sooner.

Getting implants requires a lot of initial trips to your dentist, and a lot of initial exams before you can get them installed. While it may seem inconvenient at first, it can also be great for detecting other oral health problems you may not have known about. It can actually stop other health problems early on since your trips to the dentist will be more frequent than usual. The exams before your implants can be fairly extensive, and your dentist will be able to catch early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ, and even oral cancer before it becomes a real problem.

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